The District Party Room Rental Agreement

142 N. Main Suite 105 El Dorado, KS 67042

The District Party Room rental fee is $75.00. There is a $25.00 refundable rental deposit due upon reserving the room provided the room is returned in proper condition and event is not canceled. If using BrewCo. Coffeehouse, Dilly Deli, or Sweet 120 Chocolates to cater the event enjoy 20% off rental fee. Catering must be a $50.00 minimum purchase. Rental time is based on a 4 hour time period.

Contact Information:
Name: _________________________ Phone Number_____________________
E-Mail: ___________________________________________
Event Information:
Event Date:______________ Set-up: _____________ End Time:________________
Number of Guests Expected:____________ (seats up to 30 people)
Will you be catering with us for 20% off the rental fee? Yes No

Reservations will be made on a first come first serve basis. Reservations will only be confirmed when the written application and rental deposit have been returned.
The rental fee must be paid in full before the day of the event or before the event begins. If the payment is not received within the time limit, the reservation will be subject to cancellation.
Payments can be made using cash, credit or check. Checks must be written to Dilly Deli LLC.
Cancellations can be made one week prior to the event, in writing. Cancellations will result in forfeiture of the rental deposit. Date changes are considered cancellations.

Set-up and Clean-up District 142 staff will be responsible for set-up and tear down of all tables and chairs. Set-up will be completed in accordance with the renter’s requests. If the renter requests additional set-up options beyond those reflected on the initial set-up form, there will be an additional cost negotiation.
The renter is responsible for bringing all decorating materials including ladder, scissors, tape, etc. Nails, tacks or anything that may cause permanent marking or damage to walls is prohibited.
The renter is responsible for cleaning floors, tables, and kitchen (if used). Including sweeping, disposing of all trash, and wiping down surfaces. 

The renter is responsible to leave the facility in the same condition it was found.
The renter is responsible for removal of all trash to the dumpsters on the east side of the building.
The renter is responsible for cleanup of excessive spills or accidents. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the Clean-up and Damage Deposit.

Damages __________(Initial) The renter agrees to return the premises of The District Party Room in the same condition as rented from the District. The District 142 staff will inspect the premises to its satisfaction after the renters use. Any damage or excessive cleanup needs, noted by the inspector, to the District Party Room and/or grounds will result in the forfeiture of the full cleanup and damage fee. Any damage in excess of the pre-paid fee will be charged to the renter. The renter shall pay the balance of the costs within ten days of the receipt of a statement for repairs or replacement. In the event of no detected damage or excessive cleanup, the designated portion of the deposit will be mailed to the renter within 30 business days following the completion of the renter’s use of the facility.
Refundable Rental Deposit Information: The rental deposit of $25.00 must be paid by cash or check to reserve the facility. The deposit will be deducted from the total rental fee. In the event of cancellation or damage repairs required following event, the fee will not be refunded to the renter unless deemed appropriate by District 142 management.

General Building Policies
Use of illegal drugs, smoking, and/or gambling is not permitted in the District 142 Building.
Only those rooms specified on the agreement will be available for use by the renter.
All minors on the premises must have adequate adult supervision.
The District 142 management and staff cannot be responsible for accident, injury or loss/damage of personal property.
Rules and regulations are subject to change at the District 142 management’s discretion.
The renter signing this agreement agrees to be the responsible party.
Rental time is based on four (4) hours, which is inclusive of setup and tear down. Additional time, if needed or requested, is subject to additional fees. It is understood that your event may be shorter than 4 hours.
Hold Harmless Agreement The rent as well as their representative organization or group, agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the District 142 management and staff from any and all claims for injury to person (including death) or property arising out of, or in any way connected to its/our use of the rented District Party Room except to the extent any such claims may arise from any act or omission of the District 142 management.
I have read the procedures for use of The District Party Room and agree to abide by the regulations set forth by this contract. I assume responsibility for any damages that might occur during my use of the facility.

Call 316.322.0211 with any additional questions

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